I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

IKWTCBSLike most, I think, I have a list of books I keep intending to read. However, since my mood shifts and my reading preferences tend to be a bit eclectic, I jump around on my list a bit. And, like most, my list never gets shorter, but grows over time. I’ll leave literary critique on Maya Anjelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings to others with far more skills than mine. The reasons to read it are cataloged better elsewhere. However, the one incredible aspect of her writing is how she manages to pop a magical, poetic turn of phrase or image right into the middle of an otherwise standard narrative. You see the colors of the butterfly, which is beautiful to begin with, and then get a flash of iridescence. It is an amazing talent.


Currently in flight…

Updated: November 20, 2015

Pasture Grass_ed
Title: The Greener Side (was: Pasture Grass)

Type: Novel / Historical Fiction
Status: Draft

Title: Future Perfect

Type: Short Story
Status: First Draft Completed
Seeing a piece of your future life is the newest form of entertainment. It’s expensive, of course. But if you if you could pay to see a short view of your future, would you watch? 

Title: Wink
Type: Short Story
Status: First Draft Completed
Synopsis: A friendly game bags Wilbur a trio of unique cat’s-eye marbles.

Camp NaNoWriMo (April 2015)

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 Winner ButtonCamp NaNoWriMo was my first writing event. Talk about drinking from the fire hose…

My father passed in March and my decision to pick up writing in earnest finally solidified. I was, at the moment, unemployed due to the time needed to support my family due to my Dad’s illness – driving, making meals, helping my mother, tracking down doctors and case managers, and so forth. So, by the end of March, I needed to get lost in something else that I would create.

I wasn’t a total glutton for punishment. I set myself what I thought was a reasonable goal, since I had many story ideas and pieces, but had never written anything from start to finish. So, one short story, at least through the initial draft stage, was my goal. I had a strong character in mind, thanks to a ravenous plot bunny that bit my mind and wouldn’t let go. While I tried to think of using my other snippets for a different story, I kept coming back to this main character for what became my first short story, Pluck.

By the end of April, I believe it was April 21, I had drafted not one but three short stories and had a plan for a fourth.

For the Camp in July, I plan to draft two other short stories I have in mind. With a deep inhale, I will also participate in the November NaNoWriMo event, this time with a novel.

Ready. Set. Write! (June 2015)


Having just started my personal writing journey in earnest, I’ve participated in very few writing events. Truth be told: just one.

However, since I have jumped into writing with both feet, I’m planning on participating in as many events as possible to keep my momentum going. So, on the heels of Camp Nanowrimo (April 2015), I’m expecting to join in with the June 8 – August 31, 2015 running of: Ready. Set. Write! (RSW)

My weekly status updates will appear under this section when things get rolling. I’m following via Jaime Morrow’s blog page where the guidelines for this year’s writing are posted.

Um, and yes, I’m aware that I’ll be double-committed in July since RSW is still running when the July Camp Nanowrimo kicks off. Eek!

RSW Week 1: Goal Setting

Week One:  June 8, 2015

Weekly Goals:

  1. Draft next (one) scene of short story: Fading Fast. 
  2. Research plot arc (one node) for novel: Pasture Grass.

Summer RSW Goals:

  1. Complete draft of short story: Fading Fast (draft target of 8500 words).
  2. Revise short story: Hopscotch (finished target of 6500).
  3. Finalize plot arch for novel: Pasture Grass. (Break into scene groups if time permits.)