RSW Week 4: Double-duty

Week 4: June 29, 2015

How I did (last week):

  • Finished first draft of Fading Fast.  Goal was for roughly 10K words, but ended at 12K. There are numerous edits and a scene to rework at the beginning. So I’m free to snip and slice several thousands of words.
  • Didn’t get to do another stroll through my plot arch for the novel. Will not complicate the upcoming week with that, but will delay that second run-through by a week.

Goals this week:

  • Camp NaNoWriMo starts this week and the revisions to Fading Fast are part of the month’s goals. I start a new short story for Camp as well.

A favorite passage: (Just me clapping and chanting “the draft is done, the draft is done!”)

Biggest challenge: The rework on the front will be a little messy. I have to replace one scene entirely and I have to tone down one of the supporting characters or my main protagonist is just frustratingly limp and useless. I need to her to be convincingly pitiable, but still capable of action, so her later story can hold up to the ironic twist it now has.

What I like about my WiP: I had an epiphany on a new ending that just slid in beautifully with a twist-click!


RSW Week 3: The Plod Continues

Week 3: June 22, 2015

How I did (last week): Target drifting…

  • Finished scene 5 and 6 of Fading Fast (approx. 2500 words / five hours) – two more scenes added over what was originally targeted. Found a solution for the plot hole I had which altered the plan for a later scene, hence the additions.
  • Sensing an issue with the story that will mean a re-written scene at the front and much paring through-out. Have decided to finish on current arc and rip/re-do as part of the revision.
  • Defined the all major arcs for novel, Pasture Grass. First draft of the storyboard for all four parts and sub-chapters completed.

Goals this week:

  1. Draft next scene of short story: Fading Fast (scene 7 of an estimated 10).
  2. Will continue to review novel’s storyboard draft for sequencing and pace.

A favorite passage: (A glimpse of a rare sports metaphor…)

Despite her anger at being made to take the brunt of this idiot’s insults, she simply couldn’t sustain it. At every turn she was blocked, tackled, and left in a crumpled heap.

Biggest challenge: Trying to keep my inner editor at bay for the moment. There are refinements that will tighten up the story, but now is not the time to trot those out.

What I like about my WiP: Honestly, I don’t like my own main character. Might be a function of the arc I have, which sets her as more timid and mealy. I keep wanting to shout at her: pull up your panties, girl, and go get ’em! Ah well, I’ll help her out later.

Projects Finalized

Updated: August 12, 2015

Home Again_ed
Title: Home Again

Type: Short Story/Fantasy
Synopsis: Lonely woman makes a personal connection to a new companion and finds herself home again in a life already lived.
Status: Revision Final (July Camp NaNoWriMo), pending trial readings/feedback

Title: Fading Fast
Type: Short Story / Fantasy
Synopsis: A timid woman finds a new power. It may prove too strong for her to control.
Status: Revision Final (July Camp NaNoWriMo), pending trial readings/feedback

Title: Mischief
Type: Short Story / Light Horror
Synopsis: A lazy summer activity has consequences to the farm and her family that Ida didn’t expect.
Status: First Draft Completed*
* Characters and settings will be re-purposed into a novel.

Title: Hiding in Plain Sight
Type: Short Story / Light Horror
Synopsis: Young Max is caught in a world so restrictive, so full of betrayal. How can he escape?
Status: Revision Final

Title: Hopscotch
Type: Short Story / Light Horror
Synopsis: Childhood games in summer. What can be more innocent?
Status: Revision Final

Title: Pluck
Type: Short Story / Fantasy
Synopsis: Joel can logically analyze anything, except his own true impact on others. Will help from an usual source be enough to save him?
Status: Revision Final

RSW Week 2: The Plot Continues

Week 2: June 15, 2015

How I did (last week): On Target

  • Finished scene 4 of Fading Fast (approx. 2500 words / two hours). Have a plot hole to fill before I can close this piece and start next section. So will roll the plugging of the plot hole into next week’s goal for scene 5.
  • Defined the 5 major arcs for novel, Pasture Grass and 3 cross-over nodes.

Goals this week:

  1. Draft next scene of short story: Fading Fast (scene 5 of an estimated 8).
  2. Start drafting/arranging the plot cards for Pasture Grass.

A favorite passage:

Deirdre smiled back and hopped up lightly onto one of the other stools. “You know, if you use the second basket, you can stage the decaf and have it ready to slide in.” Being a slight and tiny person, her feet didn’t quite touch the floor from her perch on the stool. None of Deirdre’s suggestions ever came with any actual movement to carry it through on her part. So, from a suggestion to a command it hung in the room. Ruth made no move this morning. Consequences be damned, she was going to pace herself.

“Well, that’s a thought, too,” she purred, pursing her lips slightly as if truly contemplating the many and varied benefits of this extraordinary suggestion from this wise woman. In her mind, she thought, “Bite me.”

Biggest challenge: Finishing the current short story in progress. I’m wanting to dive into the novel and just came up with another short story idea today. It’s not that they are better, but I’m struggling with a plot hole on Fading Fast. So, my will is just trying to dodge.

What I like about my WiP: Main character is finding her voice and her ability to stand up for herself.

She’s Come Undone

ISCU‘m generally fond of coming-of-age stories. Unfortunately for me, however, there is a tone that can cause me to be more irritated with a character than I think is intended. Sometimes, that means that the portrayal of a character is well done. Some of the characters I hate are able to make me hate them because they have been painted so well by the writer.

Overall, I like the character of Dolores Price. There are times in the narrative, however, where I wish those that surround her would manage to break out of their narrow behavior patterns to push her toward some realizations. There are some heroes and heroines in this novel, but they are too few in my view. The majority of the characters are floundering so completely in one way or another that it is sometimes hard to feel anything for them except annoyance.