RSW Week 13: Begin Happy Dance!

Week 13: August 31, 2015

How I did (last week): Still chewing away at some prep for the novel. Mostly it’s progressing. Will keep some questions as questions until I see how my characters actually interact when the writing gets underway in earnest in November.

Biggest challenge for this session of RSW: It’s good to be busy, but too may WiPs (drafts or revisions) or two many simultaneous writing events (RSW and Camp NNWM) can make things a little draining.

What I like about RSW:  I like the openness of the goals. Could be planning, revising, drafting, or any combination. It’s a nice communal activity without all of the structure of some other events.

See you all next time! 


RSW Week 12: Coming to the finish.

Week 10: August 24, 2015

How I did (last week): Working on the timeline for the novel to prep for November’s NNWM. Coming along. There are some plot gaps in the first two thirds, but I’m chopping away at those.

Goals this week: Continue to work the novel’s plot arcs and timeline. Writing ideas for two other short stories in my notebook, but so far not prepping anything official in Scrivener.

Biggest challenge: I’m a little tired from the full plate I had during this RSW and the cross-over with Camp NNWM. But, I’m bouncing back.

What I like about my WiP: I like that I still have ideas bubbling up. Always afraid with any gap that inspiration may have dried up.

RSW Week 11: Clean-up and Reset.

Week 10: August 17, 2015

How I did (last week): Still revising. I may let these last two stories (Fading Fast, Home Again) sit a while and come back to them later for the another round of re-write.

Goals this week:

  1. I need to flesh out the timeline for the novel, so I can reconcile with the chapter  sequences I drafted initially.
  2. I need to loop in a few other minor characters to the timeline and ensure the plot lines are crossing and escalating in the right places.
  3. I also need to create a family tree to ensure the ages of the characters and relationships are correct.

A favorite passage (Home Again): 

“My wife and I couldn’t have children either,” he broke in.

Ilene looked up suddenly and then looked down again, fearing that she had embarrassed him.

“It’s not an easy thing for most people to discuss,” he continued. “I wouldn’t condemn all men because of the verbal and emotional constipation of a few,” he finished.

“I don’t condemn all men,” Ilene retorted defensively.

“I’m sorry. I’m getting us off topic,” he apologized. “My wife never really wanted to discuss it either. So, I’m not sure it’s a gender-specific response. Are you sure the reason for their reluctance was related to not being able to have children?”

Ilene looked at him and asked, “What else would it be?”

William looked starkly at her and said, “It may have been about their discomfort with not wanting children. It’s one thing to discuss not being able to have them. It’s different to say your fine with that because you don’t want children to begin with. If they saw your disappointment at not being able to, they would likely be reluctant to add their own feelings about not wanting to.”

Biggest challenge: I have another short story ready to tell, but I think I’ll hold off. Normally, I would charge ahead and start it. But, I’m resisting the urge to have too many irons in the fire.

What I like about my WiP: What I like about most of them: Characters who start out as my puppets. Then, they cut their strings and dance away to the tunes in their own heads while I just watch and write down what happens.

RSW Week 10: Write and learn.

Week 10: August 10, 2015

How I did (last week): Finished the revision to Fading Fast (at least until I can get some readers to provide feedback.) Defined which pieces of the original Mischief plot can be reused for the novel. Moved those bits into the other Scrivener file and roughly placed them in the chapter locations according to my present plot arcs. Also did some work on sketching the timeline for the novel so I can align the chapters later.

Goals this week: Need to start revisions to Home Again. If there is time this week, I’ll try to expand on the idea for the re-plotting of Mischief with the new idea.*   It will be a complete re-write.

* Truthfully, I already did some of this. I had a few ideas and a few more rolled out as I was jotting in my notebook. 

Biggest challenge: Instead of making separate goals for writing events, I’ll likely share goals between them. I’m trying to write so many new stories at the same time I’m revising old ones.  Write and learn.

What I like about my WiP: Uh, too many WiPs.

RSW Week 9: Snip – shift – yank – throw.

Week 9: August 3, 2015

How I did (last week):  Things are going. While revising, I thought of a way to reuse the core of another short story that is being shifted into a novel. Couldn’t keep the original plot line so needed another. Stray idea popped into my mind while tweaking Fading Fast that I can develop and use.

Goals this week: Keep revising. Hoping to finish revision to Fading Fast to concentrate on Home Again. Still aiming to have both through revision by close of August and this round of RSW.

A favorite passage: [Too much in flux to pick something that will stay.]

Biggest challenge: Lots of spaghetti threads and things are messy. I don’t like messy. But, I think I’m cleaning up more ends than I’m creating at this point.

What I like about my WiP: I’m not as happy with these two stories as my others, but these are challenging me in deeper dialog and relationship creation. So, hoping my next stories heavy in these elements will go a little more smoothly.