RSW Week 10: Write and learn.

Week 10: August 10, 2015

How I did (last week): Finished the revision to Fading Fast (at least until I can get some readers to provide feedback.) Defined which pieces of the original Mischief plot can be reused for the novel. Moved those bits into the other Scrivener file and roughly placed them in the chapter locations according to my present plot arcs. Also did some work on sketching the timeline for the novel so I can align the chapters later.

Goals this week: Need to start revisions to Home Again. If there is time this week, I’ll try to expand on the idea for the re-plotting of Mischief with the new idea.*   It will be a complete re-write.

* Truthfully, I already did some of this. I had a few ideas and a few more rolled out as I was jotting in my notebook. 

Biggest challenge: Instead of making separate goals for writing events, I’ll likely share goals between them. I’m trying to write so many new stories at the same time I’m revising old ones.  Write and learn.

What I like about my WiP: Uh, too many WiPs.


2 thoughts on “RSW Week 10: Write and learn.

  1. Ambition is good! At least you’re keeping yourself busy…that’s one way to look at it, right? It’s awesome that you finished one revision! Good luck on your goals this week 🙂


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