RSW Week 13: Begin Happy Dance!

Week 13: August 31, 2015

How I did (last week): Still chewing away at some prep for the novel. Mostly it’s progressing. Will keep some questions as questions until I see how my characters actually interact when the writing gets underway in earnest in November.

Biggest challenge for this session of RSW: It’s good to be busy, but too may WiPs (drafts or revisions) or two many simultaneous writing events (RSW and Camp NNWM) can make things a little draining.

What I like about RSW:  I like the openness of the goals. Could be planning, revising, drafting, or any combination. It’s a nice communal activity without all of the structure of some other events.

See you all next time! 


2 thoughts on “RSW Week 13: Begin Happy Dance!

  1. Camp NaNo and RSW certainly threw things sideways for me: I ended up with a whole new story I’m still working on! It did make for an interesting challenge, didn’t it? *grin* I love that you’re prepping for November already… wait, what do you mean it’s September tomorrow? Eek!

    I hope your autumn goes well for you, and good luck with NaNoWriMo!


    1. I wish it was November. I’m ready to jump into the writing. I like the story emerging from the ideas and scenes I’m capturing while I wait. Trying to distract myself with a short story I thought of halfway through RSW. Have a happy autumn. Let me know if you do the November NNWM and we can buddy up.


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