About Me

Having given my right brain the majority of the time so far to express itself, I decided it was time for my left side to dominate. Earlier this year, I started putting  my years of story snippets, character sketches, bits of dialog, and related to use. There were two events that sparked the shift: my father’s passing in 2015 and an idea about a character that would not leave me until I finally wrote its story.

My father was a firm believer in education. He loved to read and even wrote a few humorous story pieces when the mood struck him. He often thought about writing stories from his long life, but poor health prevented him from succeeding in that goal. With his passing earlier this year, I lost not only my beloved father, but my most favorite co-conspirator for discussing literature and interesting stories.

I decided that there was no longer any reason, or excuse, not to take the ideas I had and to write them. Having started writing, I have found it both joyous and maddening.

My first complete short story was first drafted during the April 2015 Camp NaNoWriMo event.  Never having written anything from start to finish, I had planned to complete only one short story: Pluck. The main character popped into my mind almost fully formed and I decided that I needed to get its story told or forever be plagued by it. By the time Camp was finished that April, I had drafted a total of three short stories and had an idea planned for a fourth.

I wish my father were here to talk about them.


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