She’s Come Undone

ISCU‘m generally fond of coming-of-age stories. Unfortunately for me, however, there is a tone that can cause me to be more irritated with a character than I think is intended. Sometimes, that means that the portrayal of a character is well done. Some of the characters I hate are able to make me hate them because they have been painted so well by the writer.

Overall, I like the character of Dolores Price. There are times in the narrative, however, where I wish those that surround her would manage to break out of their narrow behavior patterns to push her toward some realizations. There are some heroes and heroines in this novel, but they are too few in my view. The majority of the characters are floundering so completely in one way or another that it is sometimes hard to feel anything for them except annoyance.


I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

IKWTCBSLike most, I think, I have a list of books I keep intending to read. However, since my mood shifts and my reading preferences tend to be a bit eclectic, I jump around on my list a bit. And, like most, my list never gets shorter, but grows over time. I’ll leave literary critique on Maya Anjelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings to others with far more skills than mine. The reasons to read it are cataloged better elsewhere. However, the one incredible aspect of her writing is how she manages to pop a magical, poetic turn of phrase or image right into the middle of an otherwise standard narrative. You see the colors of the butterfly, which is beautiful to begin with, and then get a flash of iridescence. It is an amazing talent.