The plot bunnies suspect something…

The plot bunnies are circling...I tried not to say anything out loud, but perhaps I mentioned Ready. Set. Write! in my sleep. Or, maybe they just noticed that my favorite pen is all set with a new cartridge. The plot bunnies are starting to assemble.


Ready. Set. Write! (June 2015)


Having just started my personal writing journey in earnest, I’ve participated in very few writing events. Truth be told: just one.

However, since I have jumped into writing with both feet, I’m planning on participating in as many events as possible to keep my momentum going. So, on the heels of Camp Nanowrimo (April 2015), I’m expecting to join in with the June 8 – August 31, 2015 running of: Ready. Set. Write! (RSW)

My weekly status updates will appear under this section when things get rolling. I’m following via Jaime Morrow’s blog page where the guidelines for this year’s writing are posted.

Um, and yes, I’m aware that I’ll be double-committed in July since RSW is still running when the July Camp Nanowrimo kicks off. Eek!